14th Mar

YouPoundIt.com Review

One day, I was searching for an MP3 player I could use to play my motivational audio books. I looked in Lazada.com and found an iPod Shuffle lookalike for 249.00 pesos.  I was wary of it though the price was tempting. I looked at the Apple website and checked the Shuffle specs, but it didn’t convince me much especially with the price tag and copying MP3s to it looked complicated and it had only 2GB of space.

I continued to search until I found the Sony Walkman NWZ-B183F. It looked interesting, so I looked the Sony Philippines website, checked its specs, and decided that I want one. However, when I clicked the Buy Now button in the website, it redirected me to a list of local stores where I can get the item. As much as possible, I do my shopping online to save time and effort, so going to a local store is out of the question until it’s the only option.

So I searched if there is an online store that carries the Walkman NWZ-B183F, but most of the stores I visited were displaying Out of Stock, until I found a Google Result that showed YouPoundIt.com. It’s my first time to hear about this website, but they were selling the Walkman with a 250 peso price cut from the original price. I was wary, but the risk taker that I am (and it was close to midnight and I wanted to finish my search for the Walkman because I was sleepy lol!), I clicked Add to Cart, checked out, paid via Paypal, and hoped that YouPoundIt.com was not a scam or else it would be a 2249 peso lesson for me.

As soon as I paid on March 8, I received an email for me to setup my YouPoundIt account, it was a quick thing to do so I did it. They also sent a confirmation email informing me that a customer support representative will contact me on the next business day to update me about my order. In that email, it said that provincial orders will take 5-7 business days to arrive. I was fine with that so no big deal.

The next day March 9, Lei emailed me to inform me that my order was for pickup from their office by the courier on March 10. So I expected that the item will get to me about March 20 or so, because of the 5-7 business days shipping clause in the email. To my suprise, LBC delivered the item to me in Cebu on March 10! So that means, one business day only! I don’t know if they’re actually this fast, but I was so impressed!

And to add to that, they were very communicative through email and text about the order tracking. It’s like once a customer support person contacts you, their system takes over and sends an email and text every now and then about the status of the order. You don’t even have to keep on emailing or texting them to ask about the status! They proactively give it to you! The way they do business should be the gold standard for online businesses in the Philippines!! I love YouPoundIt.com and I was glad I Pound It (pun intended!).

So, for your gadget needs, check out YouPoundIt.com.

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