The ODESK challenge

I am a member of several Facebook groups and online forums for freelancers and work from home enthusiasts and I see a lot of newbies making the mistake of asking the “experts” if they can apply for the job or if their skill sets are right for a posting or worse if they can work online. This irritates that admins of those pages mainly because all the answers to these newbie questions are found online (Google, anyone?).

I was a newbie once and had the same questions, apprehensions, and worries that newbies now also have. But since I love reading and researching, I taught myself how to do stuff, to learn how to freelance, to make websites, and to improve my skill set overall. The road wasn’t easy and maybe that’s why most newbies want to be sure that they’ll be able to get the job or earn online before dipping their toes (i.e. quitting their day job) so they won’t waste time and will be able to manage their expectations. I was lucky though because when I was grappling with online work and earning between projects, I had a husband to support our financial needs.

I understand though that not everyone can afford to just jump in to online freelancing, with bills to pay, kids to watch over, or for whatever reason. That’s why I am coming up with a step by step oDesk challenge to get hesitant freelancers to give it a try with no overwhelming information overload to digest from forums, help articles, etc. ¬†You can do this challenge with me and in no time, you’ll have an oDesk profile you can be proud of and use to apply to online jobs in the site.

Are you ready? Because I sure am! See you on Day 1 of this challenge!

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