The Coworking Trend: Working at Home and Café No More

10 Dec

This is a guest post written by Anna Garcia of Regus Philippines. Thank you Anna!

Inside a coffee shop, you will encounter several types of people. There are the students who are either studying for tests or just enjoying a few moments of peace. There are also the young adults who are indulging in casual conversations. If you frequent cafés though, you’ll likely spot at least one person with their laptop or tablet. Most coffee shops have good internet connection that’s perfect for work. Wait, what, work?

Freelancing online is a revolutionary way of generating income without being constrained to a 9-5 workday. Yes, you get to own your schedule but you still have to meet deadlines. The general requirements include a personal computer or laptop along with a reliable internet connection and – voilà! With these on hand, it’s definitely possible to earn a decent amount of money on a daily basis. If you’re dedicated, it can be more than that.

But cafés can be too noisy and crowded, right? And working at home can be boring, distracting and mundane.

The Downsides of Working at Home

  • The leeway. Freedom is perhaps one of the best things you can get when self-employed. But without discipline, one can be vulnerable to a couple of distractions. Don’t get me wrong — having a flexible schedule is absolutely a good thing. But with a cosy bed nearby plus a stack of DVDs waiting to be played and watched, there will surely be days when you cannot help but say “yes” to these hard-to-resist intrusions.
  • Possible power and internet interruptions. Most of the time, we really can’t predict when the next brownout would happen. Plus, internet connections can get irritatingly cranky at times. Such circumstances may be rare, but they can potentially destroy your momentum in the middle of a task. This can be especially inconvenient if you are nearing a deadline.
  • Lack of resources. This will actually depend on the nature of the online job. Some freelancers may not fancy purchasing certain equipment needed for the work.
  • Isolation. Working at home can be very lonely, especially if you love being around with people. Don’t you miss it when you get to spend lunchtime with your closest colleagues? Maybe you do — but you still abhor the thought of being paid a measly amount for a jam-packed schedule in a stress-laden office.

So, why coffee shops? And are there downsides, too?

Of course! People resort to different places if working at home seems too monotonous. Cafés make a popular option for freelancers because of the steady internet connection and the atmosphere. But like what was mentioned earlier, full house coffee shops can be too distracting. You’ll probably regret purchasing that overpriced latte after a swarm of college girls happen to be seated near you.

Is there salvation?

The answer is a resounding YES. If you miss being in a corporate setting, then you should give office leasing a thought. There are serviced offices in the country that offer the kind of environment you’re yearning for. The thing is there’s a better alternative to those wanting to have a business address plus the equipment and environment. This is what we call co-working.

What is Coworking?

Co-working is basically a set-up that enables people from different employers and industries to share a rented workspace for varying durations. This enables professionals to be part of a unique working community without being under the same company. In the Philippines, this has become a trend as well. Co-working is a good idea for freelance writers, virtual assistants, telecommuters and budding entrepreneurs.

Being in a shared environment is an attractive option for those wanting to put an end to the problems posed by working at home or at a coffee shop. Though co-working can put a dent on your finances if you’re still a newbie in freelancing, it certainly is worth the money if you’ve already established yourself in the industry.

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