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Smart Philippines Online Postpaid Application Review

I figured since my work needs me to be online all the time, I should have an unlimited data mobile which is always connected on the go, no need to load, etc., so I applied for a Smart postpaid data plan online.

I was excited when I learned that Smart has an online application for postpaid. I immediately got my documents together (2 Government I.D.s, bank statement, credit card statement) uploaded it, and sent in my application. After I did so, I got a text message on my prepaid Smart number and an email address stating that my application has been received and they will get in touch with me for updates. I was impressed of course, and thought, that maybe they will be quick with my application.

After 3 days though, I didn’t get feedback so I emailed their support to ask them about the regular processing time of a postpaid application online. Their support got back to me and said that they will forward my concern to the right support group. So okay, I think my question was kinda general and they didn’t have an answer for me. Oops. I didn’t get a reply to my question though even after a few days.

On November 24, they emailed me that I lacked a document (front scan of credit card/latest payment made) and I had to upload it within 2 days or else my application will be canceled. So I complied. Didn’t hear from them again until December 04, 2014, when they called me to inform me that my postpaid application was approved. I even got two calls that day from two different Smart numbers stating the same information. The second caller didn’t even know that I already talked to his colleague. They asked if I could make the payment as soon as the payment link is sent through email within 24 hours. I said yes.

And surprise, I didn’t get a payment link after 24 hours. And until now, 10 business days later, no payment link has arrived in my email. I tweeted to them at @Smartcares, messaged them on FB, emailed them at customerservice@smart.com.ph, sent in a ticket in the Help section of the online store, and even called their Sales Telehotline to follow up. Mind you, I am a very patient person, but not knowing what happened to the payment link that was supposed to arrive after 24 hours can be frustrating.

And all their support response (from the different channels) were the same, “We will forward this to the right support group”. I’m not sure who the right support group is or if my payment link will come this year, but I hope it does so I can take this off my list.

Let’s see what happens!

Update: The payment link came December 23 and I had the option to pay it through online banking or credit card. I chose credit card and after my payment, I got the email that if I used a credit card to pay for my initial month + handset price, I will have to wait for another verification email. Whereas if I had chosen to go the online banking route, delivery would have been processed already. Drats! Another waiting game!

Second Update:

January 15, 2015 (Thursday) – I got a call from their customer service saying that they received my payment and since it was a holiday in Manila (Pope Francis Visit), I can expect delivery 5-7 business days starting Monday, January 19.

January 23, 2015  (Friday) – I got another email saying my application is under verification and another payment link was sent. (Okay Smart, what is up with your Online Store???) I emailed them stating the said anomaly. And I got two calls from them after a few hours – one call was to inform me to ignore the latest payment link they sent and the other was to expect endorsement to their warehouse for delivery within 24 hours, then I will have to wait the said 5-7 business days for delivery.

To date, it has taken my application 42 business days and still nothing!

January 27, 2015 (Tuesday) – I got an email that my phone and sim is now for delivery. The email said it would take 7-10 business days for it to reach my location.

January 29, 2015 (Thursday) – I got a call from the courier that my phone is now with them and they wanted directions to my house so they can deliver it. I was surprised since I was thinking it will take 7-10 business days but it arrived in 2 days!

Well, I guess someone took initiative from Smart’s side to resolve my issue. Whoever it was that stepped in, thank you! Finally, I have my unli data plan and new phone!

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  • Hi, glad to have read this blog of yours. Now I know what to expect from Smart Online Application. I sent my online application November 20; I hope they’ve changed their ways.

    Thanks a lot!

    • You’re welcome!

  • I was searching for reviews about smart’s online application and google directed me to your blog. 🙂

    I’ve been a loyal smart prepaid subscriber for 10 years :p and I have no complaints at all. When I decided to finally convert to postpaid subscriber, I took the chance to try their online application system. I thought everything will be fine… I thought 😉

    My story was similar to yours. It took them days and after so much follow up before they sent the payment link. I’m done with the payment via credit card too. After reading your post, I guess I have to lower my expectations. Hahaha Although I’m praying it wouldn’t take them a month to have my SIM card delivered.

    PS You have a very informative and helpful articles. I hope you can blog more 🙂

    • Hopefully, you got your phone! 🙂

  • Hi! Thank you for sharing your experience. Mine was terrible. I ordered online last feb 4,2016 and paid the item on feb 12. Until now i have not receive the phone. Worst, i found out from the courier that the phone was return to shipper. The courier didnt bother to call me to verify my address. It is so heart breaking. Lesson learned, never again.

    • Unfortunately, Smart call center hotline, their business offices, and online support don’t coordinate with each other! When I renew my plan this January, I will go directly to the business office so I can get the phone right then and there.

  • nag-aapply lang ako ng plan kung alam kung maayos ang service connection nila sa area (globe vs smart). pero kung pareho lang silang ok di kana sana dumiretso nagpatuloy sa smart kung ganun ang serbisyo nila. ang nakakainis sa business center both globe and smart is meron sila REQUIRED ADD-ON palagi para daw mabilis ma-approve ang application! pero kung gusto mo ng mas mabilis na approval punta kna lang sa business center but be ready to pay bigger initial cashout.

  • Wow, thanks for the article. At least I now I know what others have been through and that I can expect more waiting time!

    It’s now 2017 and well I am applying for a postpaid plan and jumping from being a Globe prepaid subscriber. The online application just rejected my application after 4-5 days and told me to go to a SMART branch to discuss further. Went to the nearest one and they made me fill out a new form and submit requirements again. Almost 2 weeks no news and I went to follow up at the branch. They have no idea what the status of my application is, they can’t even find me in their system and my application form since whoever took care of it was not in. Then when I was complaining how they can’t find me in the system, all of a sudden the CSR attending to me said that yes my application is in Makati for processing. So first they can’t find me but when I try raising a fuss all off a sudden she knows my application is in Makati already? Then 1 week later someone texts me to provide additional financial documents. I went to give it to them. A week later no news, I pass by and the girl handling my application is not yet in, the CSR again doesn’t know what’s going on so she will have the girl in charge of my papers call me within the day. No call. Almost a week again now and I’ve contact SMART on FB Messenger and they said they will look into it. Why can’t anyone give me an update? This is awful.

  • Had bad experience with the business center too. I gave the requirements to Smart Edsa Shangri-La (COE, 2 month payslip and PLDT Bill). I thought since I was a subscriber of their sister company, everything will be easy. I sent it sunday. Monday, no call. Tuesday, I received an email.

    “While checking out your documents for your application, we noticed a few missing things you might have over looked.
    For now, we’ve marked your application as incomplete. Please wait for our call for the next step.
    Thank you and have a great day ahead!”

    Still no call received from them.

    It was a noreply email address so I went to Shangri-La to check what went wrong. The agent just told me that my requirements are complete and it’s just an automatic responce whenever they can;t reach my contact number. I gave them a Smart number. Even received calls from Globe that day, so it’s not about the signal. Checked if the number that I gave was correct. The next day, no call. Tried to call their sales hotline but the first agent told me that they don’t have access to it and that I need to follow up with the store. Followed up with the store, told me that there’s still no response to them for my application. Tried inquiring for the 2nd time thru their hotline, Agent was able to get my details and told me that my requirements are complete and is just for verification. Friday, still no status call for me. I called their sales hotline and was told that verification has failed. They can’t reach my company’s HR number. I tried it myself after the call. After 1 dial, I managed to talk to my HR. Called the store, told me to advice the HR to keep their lines open for verification. Our company lines are always open. They even didn’t bother to contact me that they are having problems calling our HR. It was always me who needs to follow up. This sunday I tried the online route. Submitted everything that may help speed up the process ( existing globe and pldt bill, creditcard statements, driver’s license and Passport, COE). Hope everything will be fine. Today is Monday. No call/texts so far.

    • Hi Kevin,

      How’d your application go? I just received the same email from SMART!

  • I have had a not so good experience with smart online.

    I sent my requirements last March 5, 2017 and (luckily) my application was approved March 7, 2017 where they promised to send me a payment link. Until today March 11, 2017, no payment link was sent to my email despite my rigorous daily follow ups.

    I even suggested if I can just pay at the local Smart service center, but they said that it is not possible (how come?). Anyways, the online sales representative said yesterday, March 10, 2017 at 11:00am, that I should just wait for the telemarketer to contact me to facilitate my application and payment and that it would be marked on the priority list. Well, the usual, no calls or payment links arrived.

    I’m disappointed with the kind of service and planning to just cancel my application because I guess the process would really take months.

  • Phew. I thought i was the only one..

    I had applied a couple of weeks ago. Googgled for the process, i am surprised to know that i am not the only one who is experiencing the same thing.

    Anyway, i am still hoping my application gets approved. Thank you for this informative blog.

  • So to cut my story short, applied online waited for 2 weeks called their hotline and told me they were experiencing technical issues and my application was pending.

    Went to MOA Smart center, applied there instead but said I couldn’t since there was an online application pending. I cancelled it and began the fill up process. 1 week later yay!! got a call from the agent that assisted me in MOA and said “yup your approved! we will need to wait for the stocks to be delivered. A week passed and yay!! still no stocks :/ drat!

    I will update if anything does happen 🙂

  • I applied for Smart postpaid plan. But not online. Its through smart enterprise(Company endorsed). After almost 2 weeks, my application got approved and now I’m waiting for the paymentlink or whatever or what they so called CAP. Just waiting for that link to pay that and enjoy my plan. This is my first time applying. And if they will provide good service, I think I will stick to them. Hoping that the process will not take weeks from now to be completed.

  • When processing a Smart postpaid Application, they are just the Worst! They come up with so many excuses just to delay the process. Its been 3 weeks and they keep telling my boyfriend that they could not contact me as an “in case of an emergency contact” because of an “out of coverage” message they get?!!!! My phone is always on and i ha e excellent signal.. so, why couldn’t they contact me as well as they could, my boyfriend???? It is sooooooo frustrating!!! Gggrrrr!

  • Hello! I just want to thank you for this article. It served as my guide in applying postpaid plan online. Like you, I’ve experienced different struggles in applying but now, I am waiting for my phone to arrive.

    For the knowledge of your readers that look for other’s experiences through the comments section, I applied online last August 5, 2017. I’ve submitted all the requirements that day. The following day, I’ve received a call from an agent verifying all the information I’ve written on the online form. Then, right away, they contacted our HR to verify my employment. Unfortunately, they called the office on a Sunday, and no one is there to entertain the call since we only have M-F as working days. Because they fail to contact the HR, they have notified me through an email that they can’t reach our HR and I need to comply immediately to avoid cancellation of application. So I called the operator services right away and informed that they can call the HR on the following day.

    And then, for almost two weeks, August 7-18, SMART continued to inform me that they can’t reach our HR, that no one is answering their calls. So I went to our HR and clarify things and they say that it is impossible to not entertain the calls. Our HR personnel suggested that they can verify through e-mail. So I contacted the operator services again and gave them our HR personnel’s email address. They accepted it (I guess because we use our official e-mail domain, carrying the company’s name). So August 19, I received an email from SMART that they already sent an email to our HR but our HR is still not responding.

    It was August 22 when our HR personnel checked her email and no message from SMART was sent. So I contacted the operator again and informed them that no email was sent.

    August 22, about 6PM, I received a call that my application was already approved and our HR already verified my employment. The agent and I talked about the mailing address, mode of payment, and others. I received the payment link at about 10PM. I was about to choose fund transfer through BPI but the transaction would be available 7AM of the following day. So I decided to choose cash on delivery to process the delivery right away because I’m excited to get my phone.

    August 23 when I received an email that my package is being shipped and gave me a tracking link of the shipment from WWWExpress. According to the link, my package reached the Malolos Branch August 24, 7:28AM.

    Now, it is August 25 and still waiting for the package. I hope I can have my phone soon since it is already in Malolos and just an hour away from our home.
    Jerome recently posted..Kabit at Korupsyon

    • Hopefully, you’re enjoying your phone already!


  • Worst customer service ever!! smart is very unprofessional when it comes to accommodating new customers! I applied for postpaid plan on aug 22 online then I submitted all the necessary documents ( ID, COE Credit card details, proof of billing and etc..) then after 3 days I received a call for verification then i verified everything with the agent then i was advised that they just have to contact my HR for employment verification then i provided HR contact information email and phone number after few days I guess 4 days I received an email saying that i have pending requirements that I need to comply with otherwise my order will be cancelled so I immediately report to the HR i asked them if they received any email or call from smart regarding my postpaid application they said non they haven’t received anything so I called telesales for follow up then they told me the same thing i got upset I felt neglected ? then i asked who I need to talk to about the inconvenience they are doing the agent told me to wait for my HR reply then i insisted my HR hasn’t received any email from you how are they going to reply ! common sense? Then i held my horses i gave them another chance to follow up and then i was advised i will be calling by one of their validator officers soon but until now Nganga
    Smart really sucks!

    • I feel you! Hope you got your phone already!

  • I applied last sept. 18 afternoon. Yesterday October 2 I recieved a call that my application is already approved. Payment link also sent to me that same day and I chose COD. I dont know when it will arrived LOL…. maybe next year? ??

    • Just follow up with them continuously.

  • Hi, I’ve stumbled across this blog when I was going through Google about Smart’s average processing time and I can see that I’m not the only one still waiting for their device. Last September 21 we went to a wireless center and I submitted my requirements, bank statement and all, and I think they process applications with bank statements as proof of income faster because they call the banks. The only problem is they check the credit limit first and that alone can get you rejected/accepted. Anyway I got approved the next day, September 22 and as of today I’m still waiting for my device to be available because the demand for that certain device is really high. Anyway from what the person at the store told me, waiting for the device to be available (if out of stock) takes two weeks or more, depending on the demand or store. Sometimes it really takes a while because they’re waiting for stocks from the warehouse. I guess all we can do now is wait because even their online customer service is quite bad and the people from telesales do not collaborate with the people from the wireless centers and follow ups don’t get you anywhere because they follow their own timelines or schedules.

    • Hi, did you get your phone already? Unfortunately, the online sales and support team of both telecom providers are kinda sketchy.

      • Yes I got it last week October 14th. I went to make a follow up on Thursday and they told me that waiting for the unit shouldn’t take a month or more.

  • I just applied today and after reading your blog, I’m now fearing the worst. I have ran out of patience ever since I’ve had problems with my Asus mobile phone twice. Once a rep contact me, I’ll tell them that if my application doesn’t get processed by end of this month or November, I’d rather buy the phone directly from a retail store (once I get my 13th month pay of course) and will not recommend them to a circle of friends that would like to apply as well. Maybe that would help speed things up. Hopefully. I’m relying on their want to hit some sort of quota on their sales (by year end or something) that they will expedite applications. 😛

  • I applied for a postpaid plan 2699. Since im working homebase, this would be a bighelp for me when there is a power interruption. I submitted then my COE, IDS AND PAYSLIP. The girl that assisted me said that those are the only documents that i need to submit. Afte 1 week of waiting, when they were able to contact our HR dept. for verifying my employment, they are noe telling me that i need to submit additional documents for the proof of income (wich i thought i already did, my pay slip). So just to finish the process of another waiting game, i gave them a copy of my latest bank statements and a bill from pldt. Kung ayaw nilang iapprove sana ung application, better na sabhin nalng nila ng diretso kesa ung nagaantay ka, submit ng ganito ganyan tapos hindi rin pala iaapprove.

  • I applied for their 8+ last 12/16/2017 at one of their provincial branches, hoping I would have the same experiece abd my co-worker’s. A day after I received a call from someone asking same information as what Ive written on the application form. Later that day I received an email, just like one of the user’s above received. I’ve been following up since then till this day. Last time I heard from them was their verification team is contacting my company’s HR. After that, just a bunch of automatic/canned replies from their facebook page. Never been with Smart before, but this experiece is really outrageous. Hopefully I’ll hear something from them soon. I’ll also try to reach out to their email address stated above. Thank you for this post.

    • I applied as well last 12/23/2017 and up until now, they’re still trying reach me but I always missed their calls because Im working 8-5PM. I already escalated to the store that they can reach me after 5PM (this is the credit team daw? na tumatawag sa akin)

      I’m really frustrated, di pa ako Smart Postpaid subscriber pero pagod na. Haha! Sana nga they will give a feedback as soon as possible.

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