Paypal to Cash Exchanger in the Philippines

Today, I tried out a service that converted my Paypal funds into cash in a matter of minutes. Since it was Thanksgiving in the US, I didn’t risk withdrawing my Elance funds to my bank account because I know it won’t arrive on time (usually payments are delayed if there are holidays in the US).

I took the chance and withdrew my Elance funds to my Paypal account and hoped that the transfer would be instantaneous. And gladly it was.

Then, I searched for Paypal to Cash instant transfer and chanced upon several online encashment services. I messaged most of them but only one replied promptly.

I-Encash Paypal is the service I used. I texted the number posted on their Facebook page 09433321118 and got a reply after a few minutes. She was still on her way to Palawan Pawnshop to drop funds for another customer and informed me that she will be able to take care of my concerns when she gets back.

For first time transactions like mine, she asked me for some requirements listed below:

1. Valid Gov’t ID’s with picture and name
2. ID Picture
3. Verified Paypal Account Screenshot showing name, verified status and transactions
4. Source of Fund (odesk/elance/other sources) screenshot
5. Front of your atm card for EON/Front and back for BPI
6. Contact Details

While waiting for her, I prepared and sent these requirements to her email. Once she got back, she informed me that she is still checking my requirements and will let me know the next step.

A few minutes later, she said to convert my US funds to PHP and initiate a transfer to her Paypal account. After I did that, she immediately transferred the amount (less 5%, which is her fee for the paypal to cash conversion service) to my BPI account.

Whew! Problem solved. Thanks to I-Encash Paypal. So if you ever you need Paypal to Cash service, you know who to text! 🙂

Happy online earning!

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