How to Get Rid of an Encrypted Footer in WordPress

Okay, so you have just downloaded the WordPress theme of your dreams. After downloading it, you find some funny links in the footer you want to remove. You then go to the footer.php file and remove the said links only to find out that your blog won’t open anymore and you can’t make any changes through your dashboard because of this message: “This theme is released free for use under

Trading High Heels for Flip Flops

Two days back, I picked up some citronella bands in a mall here in Cebu. While I was there, I decided to do a little bit of shopping to update my wardrobe. It was the perfect time – My husband and my child weren’t with me, so I was able to spend as much time trying on things without the insistent demands to go home after a few minutes of

Ole – What You Should Know About Fiestas in the Philippines

This post is going to talk about fiestas in the Philippines because I had a feeling that my client wasn’t too sure about the significance of such thing here in the country. But since she’s really nice and I asked her properly, I got the day off. So for those who are planning to outsource to the Philippines, don’t be too surprised if your virtual worker asks permission to take

I Am a Freelancer

I’ve been asked a lot on how I am able to work from home. The funny thing is, I’ve also been asked with more frequency if I already had a job. I’m a non-practicing licensed Civil Engineer here in the Philippines. I’ve been labeled as a smart student ever since, but a lot of people feel that my decision to work from home is like throwing away everything I’ve learned.

Job Offer Abroad – We Say “No Thanks”

I was at a party with my husband the other night and his uncle approached him to tell him of the opportunities in Saudi Arabia. We’re both Civil Engineers, although he’s the only one practicing the profession (I fell in love with freelancing online, that’s why). So, his uncle goes on telling him that if we go, he’s going to get at least $4000 per month working as a Safety