Do You Have a Personal Work Space?

One thing that most people don’t realize about working from home is that you need your personal work space to be more efficient with your tasks. It’s very easy to just work from bed or your living room, but it does make a difference if you have a place which you call your home “office”. When you have a  home “office”, you don’t have to deal with the distractions around

Entered the wrong BPI ATM PIN thrice!

Okay…I’m not rich but I have a multitude of ATM cards so I can better budget my money. So one day, I was lining up on a BDO ATM to withdraw some money and was following an old guy who was taking much of his time doing a withdrawal. I was patient enough but the one following me were making comments like, “That guy has already taken 6 minutes to


Pardon me if I haven’t written anything for the past 5 months (wow, that’s like almost half a year!),  I should do better than that. Tsk. Anyway, I guess I am guilty of not being consistent with my blog posts and I owe you all an apology. I’ve met several people this week who are interested in learning how to work online and I can’t even direct them to my

Choose Your Battles…Learn to Say “No”

One thing about freelancing as a virtual assistant is that you have the freedom to choose who to work with. I had a friend who laughed at me because I said, “I fired my client”. But that’s just the way it is in this industry. Most of the time, the people who outsource to the Philippines think that they can get dirt cheap labor here and still have a quality

Communication is Key…

In a virtual office, there’s one thing you should remember — “Communication is key.” Your clients will not be physically able to see how you are doing with the tasks they have given you, so it must be in your best interest to inform them about any problems you may encounter while completing the task. Updates are also essential in opening the communication stream between you and your client and

Helping Others Work from Home

I’ve always envisioned myself to be a business owner/entrepreneur who will be able to generate jobs for my fellowmen in an office setting. But as time progresses, I now believe that I have a greater reach to capture – the online jobs industry. I may not be able to provide jobs per se to those looking for it, but I can help them land the jobs they want by providing

Unionbank Ayala Cebu-Insular Branch Contact Number

I was on the phone with a Unionbank Customer Service representative awhile back to settle some things about my Unionbank EON account (which is a must have if you work online here in the Philippines – I’ll expound on this in another post) and ended up asking him the contact number of the branch I got my new EON account card from. The branch in question is the Unionbank Ayala

How My Kindle Came To The Philippines

I first learned of the Amazon Kindle when I needed a way to read PDFs faster and easier. I had to read internet marketing reports which were in PDF forms and I usually just did this on my laptop. The downside of doing this was that the laptop screen’s glare was getting to me and I had a hard time finding the best position to put my laptop on while