Ole – What You Should Know About Fiestas in the Philippines

Lechon - The Star of the Dining Table During Fiestas

This post is going to talk about fiestas in the Philippines because I had a feeling that my client wasn’t too sure about the significance of such thing here in the country. But since she’s really nice and I asked her properly, I got the day off. So for those who are planning to outsource to the Philippines, don’t be too surprised if your virtual worker asks permission to take the day off for a ‘fiesta’ celebration.

Okay, to start off, a fiesta is, in truth, a religious celebration. It’s celebrated in honor of the patron saint where we live. But, each place has its own patron saint so don’t be surprised if one of your workers say it’s fiesta in their place while others don’t report the same thing.

Fiesta celebrations usually last 2 days, for instance Sept. 21-22 in honor of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva. The date stays the same each year – fiestas are annually celebrated, I forgot the mention.

“Why does my virtual worker have to take the day off when there is a fiesta in their place?”, you may ask. By nature, Filipinos are fun loving people. The air is alive with good cheer, singing, and delicious food when a fiesta is celebrated. And we wouldn’t want to miss all the wonderful happenings during the celebration. There are backyard discos going on and it’s the perfect time to socialize with friends and relatives in a joyous manner.

Of course, we also attend church to give thanks and remember our patron saint. But basically, if your virtual worker asks for the day off, it usually means he doesn’t want to miss out on the festivities. Another reason for the day off is that we need to prepare food for our visitors. Typically, people from other places (where there is no fiesta) come to our houses to make “pamista” and they join us in our celebration.

With the ever present videoke, booze, and good food, for sure, your virtual worker will want to take the day off. If you happen to schedule a Skype meeting during this time, don’t wonder why there are people belting their hearts out in the background.

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