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I had my first session of IPL Underarm Hair Removal at Skinplicity Fiesta Mall branch last November 4. When IPL was new in the Philippines a few years back, it was too expensive for a student like me. So when I saw that my favorite facial center Skinplicity offered it at P650 per session, I grabbed the opportunity to do it. They say you only need to 4-6 sessions for your hair to permanently be removed and touch ups of once-twice a year for succeeding years!

This image shows how IPL works:

How_ipl_hair_removal_works (1)


Note: I was given a set of eye cover before the procedure started to protect my eyes from the light. All throughout the treatment, I was closing my eyes even with the covers as a secondary precaution. I don’t think you have to do the same but that’s just me. 

The first thing that the attendant did was to shave the hair. You need to have hair growth because it is need to absorb the light as shown in the diagram above. But it has to be shaved so you don’t absorb too much energy and end up burning your skin.

Then, she applied a cooling gel to both underarms. After which she informed me that we will start the laser/ipl procedure. She started with my right underarm and targeted the areas where there was hair. I think she did 15 light flashes before moving on to the next underarm.

During the procedure, I felt slight pain, similar to having a stretched rubber band flicked to my skin, with every light flash. My underarm also felt slightly hot. It is somewhat uncomfortable but it is over in seconds.

The whole session lasted maybe 5-10 minutes. My underarms were slightly red after the procedure. The attendant told me not to rub it or apply deodorant within 24 hours. I was also asked not to wax or shave it until the next session which is a month after.

I checked my underarm several days after the procedure and noticed a bit of hair growth, but when I tried tugging the hair gently, it easily fell off. Goodbye underarm hair! Read in other online posts that if there is still resistance to the hair when I try pulling it off to just leave it alone and the next session will take care of it. Well, I didn’t really have to pull the hair off since the body will naturally get rid of it, I just wanted to see if indeed it will fall off as per other people’s blog posts.

Two weeks after the procedure, I can barely see any hair growth. I am excited for my next session! Good riddance waxing!


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  • is there any side effect of this removal?

    • No side effects. Just make sure you go to a reputable place to have it done.

  • Hello. Can I a few little things? 🙂

    How is your underarm hair now? How long is the required interval between sessions? Do you have a lot of underarm hair in the beginning?

    It’ll be helpful if you reply, thanks ????
    Anon recently posted..January 13, 2009

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