Cebu Open Office Hours for Online Work

This is a short post for those interested freelancers in Cebu to learn about oDesk and eLance. Cebu’s Odesk/Elance mobilizer, Ms. Liv Briones is having an Open Office Event for those who have questions about online freelancing. Details are below: Cebu Open Office Hours Saturday, February 7, 2015 9:00am to 5:00pm (Lunch Break 12nn-2pm) Global Hub Serviced Offices Inc., 12/f Keppel Bldg Samar Loop, Cebu City Whole day event of free consultation

Credit Card for Online Workers in the Philippines

Times are unpredictable and there are instances when holidays affect the payout times as in my previous post. It is during these times that a credit card can be very helpful to us online workers. But getting one can be tough especially if we don’t have income supporting documents like an Income Tax Return. Most banks are still very conservative about who to lend credit to and they think online

Paypal to Cash Exchanger in the Philippines

Today, I tried out a service that converted my Paypal funds into cash in a matter of minutes. Since it was Thanksgiving in the US, I didn’t risk withdrawing my Elance funds to my bank account because I know it won’t arrive on time (usually payments are delayed if there are holidays in the US). I took the chance and withdrew my Elance funds to my Paypal account and hoped that

The ODESK challenge

I am a member of several Facebook groups and online forums for freelancers and work from home enthusiasts and I see a lot of newbies making the mistake of asking the “experts” if they can apply for the job or if their skill sets are right for a posting or worse if they can work online. This irritates that admins of those pages mainly because all the answers to these

My Payoneer card is here!

After two unsuccessful deliveries using their free delivery service, my Payoneer card finally arrived! I primarily applied for a Payoneer account so I can get paid by US companies for my affiliate sales and freelance earnings. Not all Payoneer card holders can get paid by US companies. You have to apply for their US Payment Service and get approved for it before you can receive money from US companies. I

Don’t cheat your clients!

I was recently referred by my client to another business owner who needed VA services. In her terms, she would share me for a while (although it is entirely a different contract) because they need someone reliable to continue the work the other VA did. There was nothing wrong with the VA’s work except that she logged in more hours than necessary. If you are familiar with the Elance or

The Coworking Trend: Working at Home and Café No More

This is a guest post written by Anna Garcia of Regus Philippines. Thank you Anna! Inside a coffee shop, you will encounter several types of people. There are the students who are either studying for tests or just enjoying a few moments of peace. There are also the young adults who are indulging in casual conversations. If you frequent cafés though, you’ll likely spot at least one person with their

Work at Home Site #1: Write Articles and Get Paid

When I first started working online a few years back, I wrote articles and got paid for it. I was new to online freelancing and was receiving $1 an article then (ouch! I know, that’s pretty cheap). Because I didn’t know better I continued writing for that rate  for a few months. Then, I thought that the quality of my articles didn’t really deserve the $1 rate, so I scoured