Credit Card for Online Workers in the Philippines

Times are unpredictable and there are instances when holidays affect the payout times as in my previous post. It is during these times that a credit card can be very helpful to us online workers. But getting one can be tough especially if we don’t have income supporting documents like an Income Tax Return. Most banks are still very conservative about who to lend credit to and they think online

Don’t cheat your clients!

I was recently referred by my client to another business owner who needed VA services. In her terms, she would share me for a while (although it is entirely a different contract) because they need someone reliable to continue the work the other VA did. There was nothing wrong with the VA’s work except that she logged in more hours than necessary. If you are familiar with the Elance or

13th Month Pay – A Great Christmas Ahead!

Since Christmas is around the corner, I decided to tackle something that most of you aren’t aware of. Here in the Philippines, a law was passed that mandated employers to give their employees a 13th month pay which is equivalent to one month’s pay divided by 12 times the number of month’s worked in the calendar year. You can find a detailed explanation of the 13th month pay at this

The Dishonest Outsourcer

One major problem outsourcing clients have with regards to outsourcers is the fact that they don’t really have control over the hours their outsourcers log in. This is especially true for those who do not  insist on having a tracking software installed in their outsourcer’s system. It is very easy for an outsourcer to bloat his hours so that he can bill you more. And because you are miles away

Blackouts in the Philippines is a Common Thing

For those planning to outsource to the Philippines, one thing you have to be aware of is that blackouts are common occurrences here in the country. But this does not mean that we have blackouts every day of a week, maybe a few times per month. If your outsourcer starts telling you that he isn’t able to do  his tasks because of blackouts every day of the week, then you

Ole – What You Should Know About Fiestas in the Philippines

This post is going to talk about fiestas in the Philippines because I had a feeling that my client wasn’t too sure about the significance of such thing here in the country. But since she’s really nice and I asked her properly, I got the day off. So for those who are planning to outsource to the Philippines, don’t be too surprised if your virtual worker asks permission to take