14th Mar

YouPoundIt.com Review

One day, I was searching for an MP3 player I could use to play my motivational audio books. I looked in Lazada.com and found an iPod Shuffle lookalike for 249.00 pesos.  I was wary of it though the price was tempting. I looked at the Apple website and checked the Shuffle specs, but it didn’t convince me much especially with the price tag and copying MP3s to it looked complicated

3rd Aug

Althea Korea Philippines Review

So, I was reading a blog about skin care and found several reference to essences and ampoules, so I got curious about what these are. I am a lazy lazy girl when it comes to skin care and I don’t even like water to touch my face before bedtime. I just don’t like the feeling so I’ve been looking out for something I can wipe on my face as a

18th Dec

Smart Philippines Online Postpaid Application Review

I figured since my work needs me to be online all the time, I should have an unlimited data mobile which is always connected on the go, no need to load, etc., so I applied for a Smart postpaid data plan online. I was excited when I learned that Smart has an online application for postpaid. I immediately got my documents together (2 Government I.D.s, bank statement, credit card statement) uploaded

IPL Underarm Hair Removal Review – SkinPlicity Cebu

I had my first session of IPL Underarm Hair Removal at Skinplicity Fiesta Mall branch last November 4. When IPL was new in the Philippines a few years back, it was too expensive for a student like me. So when I saw that my favorite facial center Skinplicity offered it at P650 per session, I grabbed the opportunity to do it. They say you only need to 4-6 sessions for

Bo’s Freeze Green Tea Review

After being a coffee lover for years now, I decided to go a different route one time  when I was out with the family in Parkmall Cebu. My tastebuds weren’t up for another round of Froccino Crumble so I ordered the Freeze Green Tea. Posters for  this product were plastered all over Bo’s glass walls so I thought ‘maybe it’s worth the try’. I wasn’t expecting much from it because

White Hat Frozen Yogurt Review

I was browsing through a Cebuano forum, Istorya.net, and found a thread on the latest craze that has entered Cebu City – frozen yogurt. I personally love yogurt but I only got the chance to taste frozen yogurt a month ago despite my sister’s insistent demands for me to try Yo-Gu in Banilad. I was in Bohol the past year because my husband was completing some road projects there so

Bugslock Citronella Bands – A Review

I was browsing online when I came across this product. I became instantly interested in it because I had a 2 year old who loves to play outdoors in the garden. The Philippines is a dengue hotspot especially during the rainy season (now) so I had to take my precautions. My son is currently using a DEET based product (Off! Overtime) but someone told me that it had adverse effects