14th Mar

YouPoundIt.com Review

One day, I was searching for an MP3 player I could use to play my motivational audio books. I looked in Lazada.com and found an iPod Shuffle lookalike for 249.00 pesos.  I was wary of it though the price was tempting. I looked at the Apple website and checked the Shuffle specs, but it didn’t convince me much especially with the price tag and copying MP3s to it looked complicated

3rd Aug

Althea Korea Philippines Review

So, I was reading a blog about skin care and found several reference to essences and ampoules, so I got curious about what these are. I am a lazy lazy girl when it comes to skin care and I don’t even like water to touch my face before bedtime. I just don’t like the feeling so I’ve been looking out for something I can wipe on my face as a

Cebu Open Office Hours for Online Work

This is a short post for those interested freelancers in Cebu to learn about oDesk and eLance. Cebu’s Odesk/Elance mobilizer, Ms. Liv Briones is having an Open Office Event for those who have questions about online freelancing. Details are below: Cebu Open Office Hours Saturday, February 7, 2015 9:00am to 5:00pm (Lunch Break 12nn-2pm) Global Hub Serviced Offices Inc., 12/f Keppel Bldg Samar Loop, Cebu City Whole day event of free consultation

My Payoneer card is here!

After two unsuccessful deliveries using their free delivery service, my Payoneer card finally arrived! I primarily applied for a Payoneer account so I can get paid by US companies for my affiliate sales and freelance earnings. Not all Payoneer card holders can get paid by US companies. You have to apply for their US Payment Service and get approved for it before you can receive money from US companies. I

Hannah’s Party Place Cebu Contact Number

I was looking for venues for my son’s 4th birthday and Hannah’s Party Place always came up in my searches. Of course, there were others including Talamban Leisure Center, Oakridge Pavilion, SM Conference Center, The Family Park, and the usual restaurants with function rooms. Since we already had a caterer, we were just looking for a venue. Many people recommended Hannah’s Party Place but I didn’t find any contact info

Entered the wrong BPI ATM PIN thrice!

Okay…I’m not rich but I have a multitude of ATM cards so I can better budget my money. So one day, I was lining up on a BDO ATM to withdraw some money and was following an old guy who was taking much of his time doing a withdrawal. I was patient enough but the one following me were making comments like, “That guy has already taken 6 minutes to

Unionbank Ayala Cebu-Insular Branch Contact Number

I was on the phone with a Unionbank Customer Service representative awhile back to settle some things about my Unionbank EON account (which is a must have if you work online here in the Philippines – I’ll expound on this in another post) and ended up asking him the contact number of the branch I got my new EON account card from. The branch in question is the Unionbank Ayala

How My Kindle Came To The Philippines

I first learned of the Amazon Kindle when I needed a way to read PDFs faster and easier. I had to read internet marketing reports which were in PDF forms and I usually just did this on my laptop. The downside of doing this was that the laptop screen’s glare was getting to me and I had a hard time finding the best position to put my laptop on while