Blackouts in the Philippines is a Common Thing

Philippine electric linesFor those planning to outsource to the Philippines, one thing you have to be aware of is that blackouts are common occurrences here in the country. But this does not mean that we have blackouts every day of a week, maybe a few times per month. If your outsourcer starts telling you that he isn’t able to do¬† his tasks because of blackouts every day of the week, then you might want to start looking for another one to do the job.

The thing with blackouts here in the Philippines is that it comes unexpectedly. There are interruption notices printed in the local newspaper, but people here aren’t really so keen about reading the news. So, we are surprised by a power interruption and lose all the work we do. It’s lucky if we are on a laptop because there’s enough power to save all the work we do. If not, then we’ll have to do everything all over again.

I used to express this concern with my clients and asked them how often they get blackouts in their countries. I was very much surprised when they told me it comes very rare, like once in 3-4 years and lasts only for 20 minutes or less at a time. Here, we have blackouts that can last for 4-5 hours, so you can just imagine how many working hours is lost because of these power interruptions.

If you are planning to outsource to the Philippines, take this fact into consideration and make sure to tell your outsourcer that you are aware of these situations. You can ask them to contact you from an internet cafe when this happens so you are informed. If this is not possible, at least have them send an email or instant message once the power goes back on so you can realistically see how much work has been done.

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  • Its true that Philippines suffered from blackouts but not long. Here in our city we suffered blackouts only once in a month, just for 1-2 hours.
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    • You are lucky that blackout in your area only lasts for 1-2 hours. How I long for the day that blackouts will not bother all the outsourcing in our country.

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    • Thanks.

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