3rd Aug

Althea Korea Philippines Review

So, I was reading a blog about skin care and found several reference to essences and ampoules, so I got curious about what these are. I am a lazy lazy girl when it comes to skin care and I don’t even like water to touch my face before bedtime. I just don’t like the feeling so I’ve been looking out for something I can wipe on my face as a cleanser. Tried Cetaphil before but I found it too oily. Anyway, while I was researching essences and ampoules, I stumbled into ph.althea.kr.

It looked promising since their prices are way lower than the sellers from Instagram selling Korean products. However, I was iffy, because you know, if it’s too good to be true, it may not turn out to be authentic or worse, products won’t arrive. And since they ship directly from Korea, I was worried that my package may end up in Customs for 3 months (just like what happened when I bought a bag from Malaysia).

To ease my apprehension, I read around for Althea reviews from fellow Filipinas who tried ordering from them. The reviews were good, but they were done when Althea was being launched in the Philippines, so I was still cautious. Browsing through the Althea site however, I was overwhelmed with the choices and cuteness of Korean products, and I want to get my hands on them already.

So despite my worries, I placed an order at 12mn. You have several options to pay via Credit Card, via Bank Transfer, and COD (not available at the moment), so I chose Bank Transfer, but when I got to DragonPay (their payment processor) it said that BPI online banking payments is accepted only at certain hours. So I closed the window so I can go back and choose the Credit Card option. However, when I went back to the order page, I couldn’t edit my order, and it is now tagged as “Pending-Waiting for Payment”.

The next day, I asked Althea support on Facebook and on their site how to go about paying the items, and they said they will just cancel the initial order as they can’t edit it already, and will ask me to do a similar order. So I did and I just paid via credit card this time just to make sure. The order went through without a hitch this time.

And now the waiting game begins. I placed the order July 27 (Weds) and since their website says 10-15 days not including Korean and Philippines holidays and weekends, I was expecting it to arrive two weeks after. But I was surprised that it arrived yesterday, August 2 (Tues). That makes it 6 days of waiting, weekends included. Wow! That was fast! It came via LBC, so whew!, no customs hold!

As you can see, it really came from Korea (Gangnam style!) lol, sorry I couldn’t help it..  🙂


Inside is the Althea Beauty Box where the goodies are. This box was bubble wrapped, by the way. It has balloons on it because Althea celebrated their first birthday in the Philippines last July!


Inside, they have a balloon, and a Bamboo Sheet Mask freebie for me! Under the products were two thin cardboards with party hat cutouts, which was part of their promo  in Facebook where we can tag their page wearing those and get a chance to win something for the whole birthday month of July. But since it arrived August 2, I didn’t bother to join.


And finally the goodies!! Chica Y Chico Mat Fix Cushion in No. 23 (P610), I am Sorry I am Just Cleansing Water 100ml (P190), Time Revolution Night Repair New Science Activator Ampoule (P1350), Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence (P1220)

Althea Goodies

Overall, I was very happy with my experience with Althea Korea Philippines! For sure I will order more goodies! Oh, and they offer Free Shipping for orders above P1500. Take note though that the P1500 amount should not include items on sale or promotion to avail for free shipping.

Sign up for an account at Althea now and start shopping!!

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  • I had the exact same problem. It says pending and I don’t have the payment reference no. Did the facebook support replied immediately to your concern?

  • Paanl ba mai cancel ang order

  • I was wondering if you paid additional. Charges during delivery? Like 12%vat ? Or 7% landing tax?

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