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Hi! My name is Jan De Joya and I’m a work from home mom from the Philippines. As you can see, I dabble myself in everything about working online. I’m a Jill of all Trades with regards to working online – I’m a freelance writer, virtual assistant, researcher, linkbuilder, wordpress site builder, graphic designer, and project manager. That’s about everything, isn’t it? 🙂

But I don’t claim to be the best on the technical side of things. Just a here-there information I gathered as I scaled the learning curve of working online and managing an online business. Besides, I consider myself an excellent researcher and Google will always be there to help me.

My forte has and will always be communicating – so that means writing, researching, and talking. I have close to four years of working online and I have a good understanding about how the industry works.

How I Started

I got introduced to this wonderful world of online freelancing by accident. I was pregnant and had nothing to do at home. No company would take in a pregnant lady (talk about discrimination here in the PI) so we decided to wait it out. My sister then landed a homebased job from a classified ad in our local paper – it was for a writing position. She refused to share the opportunity with me (greedy! ;p) so I immediately set out to search for the same opportunities online. Luckily, I found great clients and from then on, the rest is history.

Why Follow the Filipino Virtual Assistant?

It took me all of 2 years to create a presence online. I only realized its importance recently and here I am devoting my time on this site of mine. Well, the answer to the above question is simple — if you need the right guidance on working from home, then you’re on the right blog. You won’t get any fake reviews and recommendations here. Just straight and honest to goodness thoughts about working from home and the outsourcing industry here in the Philippines.




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  • Hello Jan! My Name is Carlson Olivier, I am a freelance web designer. And I was wondering about virtual professionals. How did you start as a virtual professional on your field? I have read the book about Jomar Hilario. Virtual Careers, and I wanted to become one as well. But first of all, I wanted to know how you started your virtual career. Thanks!

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