13th Month Pay – A Great Christmas Ahead!

13th Month Pay

Since Christmas is around the corner, I decided to tackle something that most of you aren’t aware of. Here in the Philippines, a law was passed that mandated employers to give their employees a 13th month pay which is equivalent to one month’s pay divided by 12 times the number of month’s worked in the calendar year. You can find a detailed explanation of the 13th month pay at this excellent outsourcing blog.

For someone on the receiving end, it would be a pleasant surprise if my employer will actually send over a 13th month pay. I know it is not required for them to do so, but all in the spirit of Christmas, it would very much be appreciated…and will make me one very happy outsourced worker (finally a Kindle, yes!). It will also give me more reason to work harder and better for my employer.

Loyalty is really something you should look for in an outsourcer and you can do that by treating them right.

Why do I say this? If you don’t have a focused and loyal outsourcer, you will end up with half-baked projects. Because then, your outsourcer will have several employers draining her efforts for different projects. It is therefore important that you value your outsourcer so that even if times are slow on your end, you don’t lose her  to another great opportunity from another employer.

I am one excellent example of this. Before I met my current employer, I had 5 employers, working for each of them part time.  I kept on jumping from one employer to another because I didn’t feel that they valued me and my efforts. I felt that they were only after the articles I wrote and that’s it. I’m merely someone who writes. But all that ended, when I met my present employers.

With them, I’m not only a virtual assistant but also a mom, a wife, a person…and that’s what is important. I have been working with them for about 9 months already and I am very happy. I finally found my home.

And believe me, if an outsourcer knows you will take care of her, she will be loyal to you no matter what it takes, especially Filipino ones. 😉

So, here’s to a very merry Christmas ahead of us!

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  • This article made me smile =)
    I’m an outsourced worker too and I’ve been working for the same employer for almost 2 years now. Before that I was in the BPO industry and enjoyed 13th month pays. Since I worked online, the 13th month pay is one of the few things I missed…still however, I’m happier with my work now and thankful really that despite the differences in culture and the distance, I am valued as a person, not mere ‘cheap labor’.
    Cheers, you have a nice blog.
    Harriet C recently posted..How To Be Productive

    • Thanks Harriet! I agree. Long term employment in freelance work is always a positive thing. And IMO, compared to a 9-5 job, it is more rewarding. Right now, with my current clients, I don’t get a 13th month pay anymore but the pay and the relationship I have makes up for more than this perk. In freelance work, we really have to make adjustments as we move from client to client.

  • The problem I have with this message is that I find the more you pay your workers the less work you get back in return. When it comes to at least programmers if you compensate or reward them with cash incentives the employer is only rewarded with a lack of motivation. Instead I think giving them paid time off, comp time, allowing them to work on things that they have a desire to do, and simply making them feel part of a team all have a greater value than giving them a 13th month.

    • Thanks for giving a client’s input on this post Dale. I respect the learning you’ve gathered from your experiences with programmers but I guess it all depends on who you work with. Not saying you’re working with the wrong persons, but we all must do what’s best for the business.. 🙂 Good luck with your outsourcing efforts and thank you for giving the opportunity to outsourced workers to benefit from your business!

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