Cebu Open Office Hours for Online Work

12 Jan

This is a short post for those interested freelancers in Cebu to learn about oDesk and eLance. Cebu’s Odesk/Elance mobilizer, Ms. Liv Briones is having an Open Office Event for those who have questions about online freelancing. Details are below:Cebu Open Office Hours Continue Reading…

Credit Card for Online Workers in the Philippines

5 Dec

Times are unpredictable and there are instances when holidays affect the payout times as in my previous post. It is during these times that a credit card can be very helpful to us online workers. But getting one can be tough especially if we don’t have income supporting documents like an Income Tax Return. Most […]

Paypal to Cash Exchanger in the Philippines

28 Nov

Today, I tried out a service that converted my Paypal funds into cash in a matter of minutes. Since it was Thanksgiving in the US, I didn’t risk withdrawing my Elance funds to my bank account because I know it won’t arrive on time (usually payments are delayed if there are holidays in the US).I took […]

The ODESK challenge

19 Nov

I am a member of several Facebook groups and online forums for freelancers and work from home enthusiasts and I see a lot of newbies making the mistake of asking the “experts” if they can apply for the job or if their skill sets are right for a posting or worse if they can work […]

My Payoneer card is here!

2 Jul

After two unsuccessful deliveries using their free delivery service, my Payoneer card finally arrived! Continue Reading…