14th Mar

YouPoundIt.com Review

One day, I was searching for an MP3 player I could use to play my motivational audio books. I looked in Lazada.com and found an iPod Shuffle lookalike for 249.00 pesos.  I was wary of it though the price was tempting. I looked at the Apple website and checked the Shuffle specs, but it didn’t convince me much especially with the price tag and copying MP3s to it looked complicated

3rd Aug

Althea Korea Philippines Review

So, I was reading a blog about skin care and found several reference to essences and ampoules, so I got curious about what these are. I am a lazy lazy girl when it comes to skin care and I don’t even like water to touch my face before bedtime. I just don’t like the feeling so I’ve been looking out for something I can wipe on my face as a

Cebu Open Office Hours for Online Work

This is a short post for those interested freelancers in Cebu to learn about oDesk and eLance. Cebu’s Odesk/Elance mobilizer, Ms. Liv Briones is having an Open Office Event for those who have questions about online freelancing. Details are below: Cebu Open Office Hours Saturday, February 7, 2015 9:00am to 5:00pm (Lunch Break 12nn-2pm) Global Hub Serviced Offices Inc., 12/f Keppel Bldg Samar Loop, Cebu City Whole day event of free consultation

18th Dec

Smart Philippines Online Postpaid Application Review

I figured since my work needs me to be online all the time, I should have an unlimited data mobile which is always connected on the go, no need to load, etc., so I applied for a Smart postpaid data plan online. I was excited when I learned that Smart has an online application for postpaid. I immediately got my documents together (2 Government I.D.s, bank statement, credit card statement) uploaded

Credit Card for Online Workers in the Philippines

Times are unpredictable and there are instances when holidays affect the payout times as in my previous post. It is during these times that a credit card can be very helpful to us online workers. But getting one can be tough especially if we don’t have income supporting documents like an Income Tax Return. Most banks are still very conservative about who to lend credit to and they think online

Paypal to Cash Exchanger in the Philippines

Today, I tried out a service that converted my Paypal funds into cash in a matter of minutes. Since it was Thanksgiving in the US, I didn’t risk withdrawing my Elance funds to my bank account because I know it won’t arrive on time (usually payments are delayed if there are holidays in the US). I took the chance and withdrew my Elance funds to my Paypal account and hoped that

The ODESK challenge

I am a member of several Facebook groups and online forums for freelancers and work from home enthusiasts and I see a lot of newbies making the mistake of asking the “experts” if they can apply for the job or if their skill sets are right for a posting or worse if they can work online. This irritates that admins of those pages mainly because all the answers to these

IPL Underarm Hair Removal Review – SkinPlicity Cebu

I had my first session of IPL Underarm Hair Removal at Skinplicity Fiesta Mall branch last November 4. When IPL was new in the Philippines a few years back, it was too expensive for a student like me. So when I saw that my favorite facial center Skinplicity offered it at P650 per session, I grabbed the opportunity to do it. They say you only need to 4-6 sessions for